Koi Pond – Hole in the filter area of the pond


You could find yourself in a situation like the following:

Our dog discovered the chipmunks that like to nest in the rocks around the pond. In chasing them today, he ripped a hole in the filter area of the pond. We lost a lot of water. ?

I’ve turned off the filter, and now I have two main concerns, I need to patch that spot he ripped – should I buy a new large piece of pond liner and cut to fit? (spend about $35)

I’m also super concerned about all the water we lost and not killing my fish (three large white fancy koi and 5 smaller goldfish)

when I fill the pond up again.

I did remove the auto feeder so they aren’t getting more food.

Our advice is as follows:

Amazon sells pond repair kit. I think Goriila glue has a waterproof fix, too. Good luck.


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